Social Trait

Social Trait entrusted BrandFell with AI-used sentiment analysis, Figma design, and application development. A successful sentiment analysis platform must overcome numerous hurdles to succeed in the competitive market.


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About Social Trait

Social Trait is an American-based sentiment analysis platform. It is the leading artificial intelligence platform that can forecast human behaviour in social media contexts to assist you in better marketing communications, products, and processes. The story behind every content isn’t visible to everyone. Social Trait is an AI platform that optimises the reach and receptivity of all your content before it goes out into the world. With, you can get real-time insights into your social media content’s performance to improve your chances of reaching out to more people.







Our Approach

As one of the most successful web development companies in Kerala, India, we were the perfect choice for their excellent AI-based application. The first approach was to understand the client’s concerns and requirements. We had multiple discussions with management about strategies and options. Using the Figma prototype, we developed an AI application that is elegant, informative, and user-friendly. Our association with Social Traits increased their audience and customer base for their artificial intelligence platform.

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